How to Plan a Communal Eating Experience: Kamayan at Home (Part 1)

The whole spread! Wish we had a better photo. Outer rim, going toward the center: vegetable spring rolls, bell pepper strips, stuffed clam shells, cucumber slices,  corn, alternating char siu pork and lemongrass chicken kebabs, bed of rice vermicelli, kielbasa sausage, mussels and clams, nuoc mam dipping sauce, cajun garlic butter sauce, crab legs.

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Liang, a twenty-something year old food scientist residing in Chicago, IL with her two lovable beefy boy cats and husband, Casey! I am fascinated by: hot cheetos (are you surprised?), traditional Chinese food, sacred geometry in nature, Shakespeare plays, collecting quirky pins, and all things slightly macabre and spooky. At Hot Cheeto Mama, you will find me rambling about: Food-- The weird food combinations I'm experimenting with, the traditions and history associated behind many Chinese dishes, my  kitchen successes and failed attempts, accompanied with a dash of food science thrown in. Ya know, for science. and FUN!  Travel-- I am a diehard Yelper and Type A personality. This combination means I research the shit out of my travels. This portion serves as a visual and written diary of my traveling adventures (like that one time it was 99 degrees outside,  my car overheated, died in the middle of nowhere, and of course I had to go to the bathroom...More on that